Furniture Produced

Here we give you examples of the types and styles of furniture we produce at Aspect Pine & Oak. As you can see, we make almost all the common solid wood furniture that you would find throughout the average home. We are always interested in what you would like in your home and would like to know of your ideas for unique, bespoke furniture.

Larders & Pantries

A Larder is traditional answer to the need to store and organise various non-perishable foods, herbs, spices and condiments. They are a great way of making use of limited space or just as an interesting feature of your kitchen.

Dining Tables & Chairs

Make a statement with an outstanding centre piece of dining room furniture with quality table and chairs! With traditional to contemporary styles available to suit your needs and style, the craftsmanship will still be just as high.

Free Standing Sinks

Create the wow factor in your kitchen with the cottage style free standing sink.

Chests of Drawers and Sideboards

Traditional solutions to space management that is both stylish and functional. Furniture versatile enough to be included throughout the home.